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Use Holiday Home Staging to WOW Your Buyers

During the chilly fall and winter months, there’s nothing more homey and warming than a cozy house tastefully dressed for the holiday season. For home sellers, that means a little holiday home staging can go a long way in terms of impressing potential buyers. It is a bit of a balancing act, though, because you definitely don’t want to go overboard.

Here’s how to use holiday home staging to really wow your buyers.

Keep It Simple

simple holiday home staging

The #1 rule of any kind of home staging is to keep it simple. Less is more. Too much glitz and glamor can distract from the features that make your home truly special—and make it difficult for a buyer to imagine their own decor or lifestyle in your home, particularly if your decor is too personal.

Focus on Neutral Themes

simple holiday home staging and decor

It’s important to remember that you’re trying to appeal to a wide variety of buyers, so you’ll want to keep your decor neutral and tasteful. In other words, you might want aim for more of a “winter” look than one for a particular religious holiday.

Evergreens boughs or wreaths, pine cones, and poinsettias are all simple, pleasing, and neutral wintery choices. Christmas trees are allowed—as long as they’re not too big (taking up too much of the room) or over-decorated.

Replace, Don’t Clutter

holiday pine wreath

Before you start putting up any decor, you might consider what might be able to be taken down first. The last thing you want is to start layering holiday pieces on top of existing adornments. You’ll also want to refrain from putting up too many holiday decorations. Remember, staying simple is the most important rule!

Make Sure It All Matches

When you’re breaking open the box of your favorite ornaments, you might want to first stop and consider the current color scheme of the room you’re about to decorate… and choose to add colors that match or complement. If your living room is blue, white snowflakes might be a nice addition. Earth tones look lovely with bright pops of red or soothing evergreen.

Accentuate the Best of Your Home

garland on the fireplace

While you’re hanging and placing, stop to consider where you’re putting each piece—and why. Is that garland accenting the ornate carvings on your mantle, or hiding them? Decor can be used to draw the eye to more pleasing features of your home—built-in shelving, custom wall sconces, arched doorways, spacious bay windows… these can all be accented with some light decoration.

Make Your Home Into a Cozy Haven

cozy holiday home staging

It’s cold outside—so make buyers glad to come into your cozy home! If you’ve got a fireplace, make sure it’s lit. Consider bumping up the thermostat a few degrees. And fill your home with warm and welcoming smells, like cider or fresh-baked cookies. Better yet, leave some treats out for your guests to help themselves.

Thinking of Selling Your Port Liberte Home?

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