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5 Must-Have Features to Look for in a Home

For most buyers, finding the perfect home—one that has everything you want, fits nicely into your budget, and is in the ideal location—probably isn’t going to happen. Unless you’re building your dream home from the ground up, or have an unlimited budget, you’re likely going to have to make a few sacrifices here and there.

But that’s not to say you can’t get a great home at a comfortable price in an excellent location. You just have to know what to look for, where to be flexible, and where to put your foot down.

Here are five important features you definitely want in your home.

A Great Location

fantastic location and other things to look for when buying a home

What are the three most important aspects of real estate? Location, location, and location! Location dictates property values and prices. Location drives buyers, sells homes, builds equity. Because, let’s face it: you can change a home. You can’t change its location. Plus, if you love your location, you can probably live with a few quirks or imperfections in a home.

Finding the ideal location needs to be a balance between determining what you need—proximity to amenities, schools, work, etc.—and making sure you choose a neighborhood where homes hold their value.

A Workable Yard or Site

good yard and other things to look for in a home

Another thing you can’t change about a home is the property it sits on. A house can be in a great location, but if it’s at the bottom of a steep hill, this could pose a problem come heavy rains or icy winters. You’ll also want to consider things like the useable size of the yard, the amount of upkeep required, and how close the house sits to the neighbors’ property.

If you’re buying a condo or attached home, you may not necessarily have a yard, but you’ll likely have some kind of outdoor area, like a terrace, patio, or balcony. These should be considered just as carefully as a full-sized yard.

A Home Size That Fits You

elegant master bathroom in a home for sale in port liberte

While the size of a home can be changed, it’s usually a pretty expensive (and lengthy) ordeal, so spend some time considering what size home you really need.

Will two bedrooms be sufficient, or will you find yourself wanting a third in a year or two? On the flip size, do you really need that fourth bedroom or the bonus office? Keep in mind that extra rooms and square footage will not only add to the price of the home, but also to the monthly utility cost.

A Kitchen You’ll Enjoy Using

beautiful gourmet kitchen in a home for sale in port liberte

Kitchens sell homes. We spend a lot of time in our kitchens—cooking, eating, hosting, prepping, even just grabbing a snack. But beyond that, kitchens have a lot going on—appliances, sinks, storage, counter space… there’s a lot of function that goes into designing and using a kitchen.

Think about how you use your current kitchen, what you like about it, how you wish it were different. Don’t settle for a kitchen that you know you won’t like. A small bedroom is workable. A small or awkward kitchen is a big pain!

Lots of Natural Lighting

home with lots of natural lighting

Another hard-to-change aspect of a home is its natural lighting, mainly because there are a few factors at work here. First, there’s the direction the house faces. Houses that face east, for example, will likely get a lot of morning sunshine, but will be darker in the afternoon. South-facing houses tend to see the most light around the clock.

Next, there are the number and size of the windows. Smaller windows may be enlarged to let in more light, but it can be a costly procedure, and depending on the direction of the house, might not even allow for that much more light in the end.

Ready to Find Your Home in Port Liberte?

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