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6 Real Estate New Year’s Resolutions to Start Now

The holidays are past, the New Year is here, and you’re ready to take on 2019 by tackling some real estate related goals! Whether you’re planning on buying a new home, selling your current home, or just making some value-boosting improvements, here are some real estate New Year’s Resolutions for you!

Organize & Declutter

organizing is a great real estate new year's resolutionOne of the cheapest, easiest home improvements you can make is to clean up and organize a bit. Set a goal for one closet, room, or your whole house (if you’re selling) to remove any extraneous paper, boxes, or unused items.

Tip: Write down and schedule small, step by step goals to keep you on track and focused, rather than feeling overwhelmed by the big picture.

Renovate Or Update

kitchen renovationsEven if you don’t have the money for a big renovation, you can still focus on smaller home improvements, like new appliances, countertops, or cabinets. If you have specific ideas in mind, start by talking to a contractor or architect to get an estimate on the project.

Tip: It’s never too early to start planning! Getting an estimate now gives you a specific savings goal to work towards, even if it’s for later this year or next year.

(Finally) Tackle Lingering Maintenance Issues

home improvements and other real estate new year's resolutionsStop skipping the creaky step, lamenting that missing shutter you should replace, or bemoaning the loss of a broken outlet. It’s time to break out the tool kit and start repairing!

Tip: Start by making a list of all the maintenance issues or projects you’ve been ignoring. Then, set a date on or by which you’d like to complete each.

Improve Energy Efficiency

updating thermostats to improve energy efficiencyYour house probably uses a lot more energy than it has to. But before you break out your checkbook to spring for high-end Energy Star appliances, there are many cheaper places you can start. Like your HVAC ducts, for example. Sealing and insulating your ductwork can vastly improve the energy efficiency of your heating and cooling systems.

Other ways to improve your efficiency can be as small as replacing old lightbulbs and adding low-flow shower heads to something as big as upgrading to Thermopane windows.

Tip: Many energy improvement projects may even come with tax incentives! Find out what you can do to get a tax break on top of a utility bill break!

Budget & Save for a New Home

budgeting for a new home and other real estate new year's resolutionsBeen dreaming of a bigger home, or perhaps of owning your first-ever home? Now’s the time to set a budget and start saving up for your down payment. Start simply by tracking your spending to see where your money is going… then set specific goals and targets for your monthly expenses, trying to cut down on unnecessary spending.

Tip: Serious about buying? Getting prequalified for a mortgage can be hugely beneficial—and can help you determine how much home you can afford and budget accordingly.

List Your Home

selling a home and other real estate new year's resolutionsWhether you’re relocating for work, in need of more (or less) space, or you’re just ready for another house, don’t put off selling… start preparing now! Start reaching out to real estate agents to find out about their services and availability. Think about some minor home improvement projects you might want to undertake before listing. And start the decluttering process ASAP.

Tip: It’s never too early to get started selling! If you’re thinking about selling, start talking to an agent now—a good agent can help you out with the rest, like planning home improvements.

Setting 2019 Real Estate New Year’s Resolutions in Bayonne?

If you’re planning on buying or selling a home in Bayonne, then it’s time to contact Century 21 Viewpoint Realty. We’re here to help make your goals into reality, whether that’s exploring the community to prepare for relocation and finding a home or to get your home ready and accurately priced to sell.

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