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Dive into the Rich History and Background of the Port Liberte Area

Port Liberte as we know it today is a beautiful neighborhood in Jersey City, with breathtaking views and an unbeatable location. But a few hundred years ago, Port Liberte and the area around it played a major role in the history of our country.

From the initial discovery to its importance in the Revolutionary War, read on to see how Port Liberte has earned a name for itself in history books everywhere!

The Background of Port Liberte

A large knot of rope from a boat.Before Port Liberte was Port Liberte, it belonged to the Dutch settlement of Communipaw. Dutch merchants from the Dutch West India Trading Company originally found the land during their attempts to reach the New World. After some tense encounters, sailors wanted to avoid the dangers present on the Spanish coast to the south, and instead charted a course to the north.

After the land was discovered, an Amsterdam man by the name of Michael Reyniersz Pauw took over the small area that Port Liberte now rests on. For the next few decades, the land switched hands between the English and Dutch several times over. Eventually, it became part of the original thirteen English colonies.

Port Liberte and the Revolutionary War

A moss-covered old cannon.Port Liberte and the surrounding banks of Jersey City were the site of the very first ferry to the bustling metropolis of New York City, although it was known of the Town of Bergen at the time. During the Revolutionary War, the geographic advantages of the area greatly helped the American settlers.

As Washington led troops on Long Island, Port Liberte and the Town of Bergen served as a location for housing reinforcements. Since the ferry made travel much easier, the area made for a advantageous patriot base. Although there weren’t any major battles in the area, it still played a key part in several key victories.

Challenges of the 21st Century

A view of the Manhattan skyline from across the water. Fast forward a few mostly uneventful years to the 1980s, and the land of Port Liberte was known as a largely unsuccessful real estate endeavor. Though they had dreams of grandeur, the original developers ran into financial issues and building delays. People were unsure if Port Liberte would ever turn into a livable space.

The original architecture combined features that are still present today, like the blend of Mediterranean villas and European streetscapes. The beauty of the nearby skyline and towering townhomes made developers confident that they could dig themselves out of the financial problems they had encountered.

Over the next decade, the property fell into the hands of a redevelopment company that ultimately had the resources and moxie to completely transform the project. Through the years, they helped build Port Liberte up to the stunning neighborhood that we know it as today.

Find Your New Home in the Historic Port Liberte

With a rich history and unbeatable location, Port Liberte offers a unique living experience. Discover luxurious living just a short distance away from the heart of Manhattan, and find your new home in Port Liberte.

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