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New Developments in Bayonne: A Costco & A Manhattan Ferry

bayonne new developmentsBayonne’s about to get bigger! Recent growth throughout the NYC metro has spread through Hoboken, Jersey City, and is definitely hitting Bayonne. Recently, the area has seen a lot of new residential, commercial, and mixed-use developments, but the two newest developments will have the largest impact on the city. Costco and a direct Manhattan ferry are in the works!

Costco is Coming to Bayonne

In the past few years, the city of Bayonne has been selling up pieces of the old Military Ocean Terminal along the Hudson. This has gone to developers largely for mixed-use and residential developments, like the new Waterview community, which will offer apartments above ground-floor commercial spaces.

bayonne new developmentsMost recently, however, land was purchased by Costco for the development of a facility predicted to bring hundreds of jobs—as well as $435,000 in property tax revenue—to the city. Costco even plans to host a job fair to ensure they hire local.

There Will Be a Ferry From Bayonne to NYC!

For years, the mayor of Bayonne has pondered the idea of a direct-to-Manhattan ferry route from Bayonne. But now, it’s finally happening! Negotiations with Port Authority have set plans to establish a 10-minute ferry ride from Bayonne to Manhattan. The terminal will be located about a mile from Route 440 on the south shore of the former Military Ocean Terminal.

bayonne ferry new developments in bayonneThe ferry is expected to have a huge impact on residents of Bayonne, especially those living in the new housing at the MOT site. The ferry is expected to help alleviate traffic, shorten commute times, and increase real estate value throughout the city.

Additionally, the city has pondered plans for establishing a ferry service to Staten Island, as well.

Ready to Come Explore Life in Bayonne?

Bayonne isn’t a small town anymore! No, this lively city is thriving with growth and development, from beautiful homes to bustling commercial centers—and soon, it will be just a short boat ride from the Big Apple!

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